Thursday, January 6, 2011

America: before and after [according to the messiah]

This is a must read...from The American Thinker

January 06, 2011

What Obama Thinks of America

By Wendy Wright
Sometimes the best way to find out what a person thinks about you is to find out what he tells others.

That's why the report on America's human rights record filed by the Obama administration with the U.N. is particularly interesting.

It's more accurate to say that this first-ever report to the U.N. Human Rights Council was from the Obama administration rather than from the United States. Its main theme is what President Obama has done in his short two years, rather than what our great country has accomplished as a beacon of human rights over 234 years.

What comes through is that President Obama's crew thinks America is congenitally discriminatory, and his administration is bravely soldiering into this morass against the unwashed masses to create an equal society.
To read the rest of this totally revealing article about how this egomaniac president views America go to:

This man is so absorbed with his self worth that I guess he wants to have a new way to look at our country:
according to him we had a sorry history in the years BO [before Obama] and this new glorified America AO [after Obama]

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