Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The smoke and mirrors of spending freeze Obama proposes

Let's see, president Obama wants to put a freeze on current levels of discretionary spending [excluding security spending...hmm and I wonder what he would call security spending] for 5 years.   On the face of it, the average person might be impressed... wow, a freeze for 5 years.  But what this really means is keep a freeze on the cutting of spending.  In other words, GOP keep your dirty hands off my stimulus budgets.
Let's look at it this way. If for years you had gotten in a bad habit of eating a couple pieces of apple pie every week your weight would probably go up and you would need to go on a diet.  But you delay that diet for 2 years [the last 2 years] and during those 2 years you increase eating a piece or two of apple pie, not just every week but every day.  Your weight would sky rocket.  Then after these last 2 years when your weight has exploded way out of proportion, you say OK, now I finally will put an end to this increase.  So, to do that you say.... I will put a freeze on eating apple pies to the current level.. and no more.
That my friends is what Obama is proposing. No more increasing the apple pies for the next 5 years... but that won't help and in fact that will probably kill you [the economy].  What you must do is decrease the amount of apple pies you eat and decrease a lot to start losing weight [bringing the budget in balance].
No president Obama... we do not want to keep eating apple pies at this level, we want to at least go down to 2008 or better yet 2006 levels.


genjunky said...

Does Obama really think the American People are stupid. Obama needs to stop spending years. That means Obama WILL NOT spend another dime on anything until this debt is paid off. You don't take from the bottom then add to the top, that is a never ending debt that never increases or decreases.

Big Mike said...

You are correct patriot!