Friday, January 28, 2011

These rabbis do not speak for me!

NEW YORK (JTA) -- A group of American rabbis are calling on Fox News to sanction
personality Glenn Beck for  what they call his attacks on Holocaust survivor
George Soros.
In an ad that ran in Thursday's Wall Street Journal and in a letter
to Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, the rabbis note Beck's recent accusation
against the billionaire Soros, a Hungarian Jew, who "used to go around with this anti-Semite
and deliver papers to the Jews and confiscate their property and then ship them off. …
It was frightening. Here's a Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps."
The rabbis also took issue with the response by Fox News chief Roger Ailes that the
outrage was confined to "left-wing rabbis."
"We respectfully request that Glenn Beck be sanctioned by Fox News for his completely
unacceptable attacks on a survivor of the Holocaust and Roger Ailes apologize for his
dismissive remarks about rabbis' sensitivity to how the Holocaust is used on the air," the
letter said.
They call for Beck to stop talking about the Holocaust and the Nazis.

The ad was paid for by Jewish Funds for Justice, a liberal group that earlier this
month delivered a petition to Fox calling for Beck's ouster. Also, the group
organized a response last year after Beck said the term "social 
justice" was a code for Nazism and communism.
"We haven't seen the ad," Joel Cheatwood, Fox News senior vice president of 
development, told Reuters, "but this group is a George Soros-backed, left-wing 
political organization that has been trying to engage Glenn Beck primarily for
publicity purposes."
These leftists rabbis make me sick.  Hugh Hewitt on his radio 
show talked about this for the first two hours of his show 
yesterday [Thursday] and what encouraged me there were so
 many Jewish Americans who called in to  denounce these
rabbis and support Fox News. 
Where the hell were these rabbis when their man Obama in his
Cairo [Muslim] speech equated the suffering of the Palestinians
in Gaza to those of the Jews during the holocaust. How sick is
that? ...the silence was deafening from these George Soros
backed rabbis.
So, I do not want to hear one word from them about Glenn Beck
or Fox News. I will take Glenn Beck and Fox News for their 
support of Israel and Jews over the anti capitalist  Soros and
Obama every day of the week.
You leftist rabbis do not speak for me!

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