Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Middle East on the brink

Anyone who isn't worried about the uprising in Egypt and the consequences it could have should be with this recent Pew poll noted by Barry Rubin on Dec. 17, 2010
When Egyptians were asked whether they preferred “Islamists” or “modernizers,” the score was 59% to 27% in favor of the Islamists. In addition, 20 percent said they liked al-Qaeda; 30 percent, Hezbollah; 49 percent, Hamas. And this was at a time that their government daily propagandized against these groups.

How about religious views? Egyptian Muslims said the following: 82 percent want adulterers punished with stoning; 77 percent want robbers to be whipped and have their hands amputated; and what could be the most startling result of all: 84 percent favor the death penalty for any Muslim who changes his religion.
With these views held by the Egyptian Muslims is it such a stretch to think if this Egyptian government is overthrown that soon after the Muslim brotherhood could take control of the country and establish their sunni Islam version of Iran's shiite Muslim state. I am not saying this will happen just that this worst of all results does not seem impossible to imagine.
This is a complicated situation and no one, not even the experts, know for sure the outcome of this uprising.

This is extremely worrisome for Israel.  Already surrounded by Islamist states, if Egypt joins the crowd,  Israel will truly be a tiny isolated country surrounded by enemies that would want to see its complete destruction.
This is a complicated powder keg situation that could change the Middle East and the world in the near future. 
Once again I pray for God to continue to watch over Israel.


Anonymous said...

Well, I think if Israel wants friends they have to change the way they deal with settlements, Palestinians and the peace process.

No matter who is in power if they keep doing what they are doing they keep gaining enemies.

An Egyptian

Big Mike said...

Oh please anonymous, Israel time and again have tried that land for peace approach and all they have gotten are bombs shot at them. You cannot deal with an enemy that want your destruction.

Anonymous said...

That's because Israel is respecting the international community and law, and only building settlements on their lands not the occupied territory. I hate to see war or destruction on either side but It's really hard to see how the Israeli government is helping.

And I know we @ Egypt at least appreciate the peace and hate wars, but the Israeli current government hard liners makes it really difficult not to hate Israel.

KosherWineGuy said...

It is not an accident that these "Anonymous" people all think a like. That is what they are taught from birth. Moslems have such facility with hate, it seems to come to them so easily.
Hate is what unifies on the lowest common denominator. Israel's attempts at self-defense over the last seven decades are viewed, by the illogic of this blinding hatred, instead as "imperialist aggression." So let's all get ready for the "Anonymous Mob" because they're coming to the "Streets" near you !!

Big Mike said...

You are correct Kosher Wine Guy! :)
Thanks for comments