Sunday, January 23, 2011

Forget about the Sports Illustrated jinx, now there is the Obama jinx

Whether in the NCAA or the pros, how many times has president Obama pronounced his support for a team or predicted a team to win only to see that team go down in defeat.  Now his announced support for the Chicago Bears has done its work again as the Green Bay Packers have beaten the Bears 21-14 to move on to the Super Bowl.
Now president Obama keep your word and stay away from the Super Bowl so we don't have to get endless shots of you watching the game and endless sickening praise from the announcers.
Now we all can enjoy the Super Bowl.
Update:   The jinx continues.  In a stunner on  Monday, an appeals court has thrown Obama's guy, Rahm Emanuel off the ballot for mayor of IL.
I hope for the sake of the fans of  the two teams in the Super Bowl- the Steelers and the Packers, Obama doesn't pick one of their teams to win.... they will be toast.

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