Saturday, January 8, 2011

Does this music bring back memories?

I think the godfather of conservatives was the late great intellectual William F Buckley Jr.
Is anyone old enough, like me, to remember his great TV show: 'Firing Line'? I remember back when his show was on the air, I was still an immature liberal but still loved Mr Buckley's great intellect he displayed on his fair and balanced show.

Maybe this music will bring back the memories.
Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #2 3rd movement:


GreatHairGuy said...

Never be another William F. Buckley. A good reason to watch was just to expand your vocabulary.

Big Mike said...

You've got that right big Ken! Of course, Hugh Hewitt has a couple of close guys on his show with james Lileks, Mark Steyn and Krauthammer