Friday, January 14, 2011

Card check stopped....think again.

This is what a lot of us were afraid of. What this administration couldn't get thru congress, and now have no chance with the Nov. 2010 voice of the American people, will use his various regulatory commissions and executive orders to bypass congress and put in their leftist programs.  One of the worst of these is card check. If enacted this would further destroy this economy [not to mention destroy workers freedom of not being forced to join a union]  Didn't make it with Dems in control and will not make it in this congress, the NLRB is trying to bypass this congress and the will of the American people. They are threatening to sue states that have enacted workers rights amendments. 

From Americans for Prosperity:

AFP Responds to NLRB Threat to Sue States for Protecting Workers' Private Ballot

In response to the news that the National Labor Relations Board is threatening to sue four states for enacting state constitutional amendments to protect workers' right to a secret ballot in union organizing elections, AFP VP for Policy Phil Kerpen released the following statement:
"The NLRB's aggressive action to undermine state protections for private ballot voting rights in union organizing elections shows how determined the board is to accomplish card check by backdoor means -- against the wishes of the American people and Congress.
"The NLRB is led by Craig Becker, a former SEIU lawyer that President Obama installed as a recess appointment after the Senate rejected him because of his extreme views. "Congress must now step in to protect the right of workers to a private ballot before the NLRB can contrive to take it away."

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