Sunday, January 2, 2011

ABC News--how to get a bigger audience

Anybody watch ThisWeek on ABC this morning?  I know, I know...I've stopped watching too since the unwatchable, arrogant, smirky, elitist Chistiane Amanpour was stupidly made the host.  But I heard that Jake Tapper would be substituting today. What a difference.  While I could have done without the segment where an actor [George Clooney] tried to discuss economic policy and foreign aid, the 'round table' with George Will, Donna Brazile, and Major Garrett & one other lib I don't remember or really care to remember her name, was excellent.   It was a real discussion of real issues with both sides getting a fair shot.   What a contrast when you have 'Poor Aman'  moderating [oops...advocating] the round table.
ABC News, some advice from a conservative...which means you will ignore this.  If you want to bring some of your audience you have lost....bring back Jake Tapper now!

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bringbackjaketapper said...

Amazing difference when Jake Tapper is the host.