Monday, December 20, 2010

Poking finger in the eye of the voters!

Former Senator Rick Santorum hosted, as he does on Friday's and other days, Bill Bennett's 'Morning in America' radio talk show this morning.  He was talking about all of these votes in the lame duck congress and specifically on the vote coming up on the new START treaty.   He made a great point and I have never heard him so livid and upset in making this point.     He said OK, even though he is against the treaty as it stands now, he can understand some of the GOP members supporting the treaty, but he can't understand the rush to do it now.  The GOP members more than anyone should respect the will of the people in their overwhelming 2010 congressional votes and at least wait until the new senate comes in to vote on something so monumental.
Come on GOP members... I say there should be no vote on the START treaty until the new senate, voted in by the people, is in place.
Whether you or for the treaty or against it, at least you should not poke a finger in the eye of the people.

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