Monday, December 13, 2010

Morons in action!

Thankfully a majority of Princeton students, recently, have voted against calling for a boycott of  the Israeli product Sabra brand Hummus.
But not all.     The fact that they would even have a movement  to do so is very disturbing. Those who favor a boycott call Israel an apartheid country [to the Palestinians].    Sick.       It would almost be as sick as if a president of the United States would make a moral equivalence between the plight of the Palestinians today with what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust.     That would never happen.

Here we have a  bunch of morons in Philadelphia who want to stop Hummus but not Hammas...and it wouldn't surprise me at all if some of them are Jewish [useful idiots]

Question: If  Obama was enrolled at Princeton University today, would he have voted to  support a boycott of Israel or to vote against it?
Answer:  I don't really have to tell you do I?


genjunky said...

Students are influenced by their parents and the ones who teach. The ones who teach are usually liberals and the minds of many kids can be easily manipulated. Kids don't know what they want, they think they do but alas they do not. They are followers only once in awhile will you find a great leader!

Big Mike said...

Good points!