Friday, December 31, 2010

More from Caroline Glick on Israel

I heard Caroline Glick being interviewed this morning, Fri. Dec. 31, by  former Senator Rick Santorum who was substituting for Bill Bennett's Morning in America radio show.   After hearing that the US congress must be vigilant with hearings and questions for the Obama administration on its policies regarding Israel. 
First she was talking about how there will be a Durbin conference 3 in September, 2011.   Remember the ones in the past where the so called UN conference on race relations and human rights turned into a virulent hate fest against Israel and Jews. I guess to those countries being anti semitic is one of the great human rights to uphold.   It was so bad in Durbin 1 that Colin Powell and the US delegation walked out and never returned [about a decade ago].  Israel and Canada have announced they will boycott the conference.  The United States reaction....the silence is deafening.
More disturbing is the US policy going forward regarding Israel.  Caroline talked about  how a lot of people missed the meaning of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's pronouncement a few weeks back. Ah, people thought, it looked like they were finally dropping the demand that Israel stop construction in Jerusalem [like they had a choice with Bibi].  But the real meaning from it is that the United States will have a policy now of just making Israel irrelevant as far as the peace negotiations are concerned. [anyone remember Daniel Patrick Moynihan's advice to Nixon regarding welfare...benign neglect].   The Palestinians will just announce [without any negotiations] their Palestinian state in the UN.  The US even if they don't support it, doesn't veto it, that will in effect support the Palestinians [Hamas, Hezbolah].  The US will also continue in its generous aid to the Palestinians [Caroline Glick says it is a billion dollars a year....ten fold of what the Clinton administration gave] and even increase it hundreds of millions of dollars to help the Palestinians create their 'state'. vigilant....ask aware of what this administration has in store for Israel [i.e., against Israel] going forward.
God continue to watch over Israel!

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