Monday, December 6, 2010

He could be a genius.

President Obama upon being sworn in as president of the United States wasted no time in going overseas and demeaning our country talking about all of our 'faults' and 'sins'.   Why, according to the POTUS we were not better than any other country in the world, and it was only our arrogance that made some [most] in America talk about us as exceptional. According to this commander in chief we were only exceptional as every other country is exceptional [i.e.,we aren't exceptional]
So, it comes time to pick which city would host the 2016 Olympics.   The president and 1st lady in all their magnificence went to Copenhagen to deliver the Olympics to Chicago.  But one problem. Chicago was in the United States and president Obama had been so convincing to the world that we were not any better than any other country, his plea for Chicago just missed out by that much [coming in last place]
Now it comes time to pick which country would host the 2022  soccer [oops, football] World Cup.  In a brilliant move Obama sent his,wise beyond his years, Atty General Eric Holder to Switzerland to lobby for the cup to come to America.     Again because Obama has been so convincing that America is no better than anyone else...that anyone else got the World Cup.

If only the terrorists have been convinced that America is no different or better than any other country, they just might conclude to strike a country more worthy
Wow, maybe this Obama guy is a genius after all.

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