Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bill Bennett .. tell me you didn't go there. :)

I like listening to former Education Secretary Bill Bennett's Morning in America radio show on my way to work. President George W Bush called himself a compassionate conservative, I think Bill might call himself a thoughtful conservative.
Bill is a supporter of the tax 'deal' which is OK, and he always touts his former mentor who supports it, Paul Ryan [R-WI].   I love Paul's economic  message too.. he is brilliant.  In this case I just happen to disagree that this was the best deal the GOP could get.
Today on his show Bill was saying how he agreed with Ryan that the GOP had to take this deal and it was the best compromise and deal that we could have gotten.
But then Bill said this: 'I hate to use this, but I was there, I worked in Washington as education secretary and know how the system works and realize how you have to compromise and sometimes take what you can get.'
Oh, Bill you should have stuck to your instincts and not gone there.   THAT IS THE PROBLEM BILL
This is what the tea party and most Americans are sick of - the Washington insiders who think they have to operate in a way us ordinary citizens just don't understand.
Bill, I love you man, but you have a beltway mentality.   You may or may not be right about the tax bill but please don't use your used to being in Washington as an asset.   It is just the opposite to us simple people out here away from the beltway.

The next time you hear someone talking about the BBB they may not be talking about the Better Business Bureau.  They might be talking about Beltway Bill Bennett.   :)

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