Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Best line of the year

Hugh Hewitt on his radio show on Monday night commenting on President Obama's talk that he was giving about the so called "compromise" on tax cuts :    "President Obama is the most blatantly partisan and least economically gifted president ever!"
I agree 100% with the brilliant Hugh Hewitt.

Hugh also assessed that the GOP will regret their caving in too easily on this so called compromise.  We need the tax rates set under Bush to be permanent. I agree with that.   Why give in so fast. His thinking is that we force the Dem senators from red states who are up in 2012 to vote for tax increases.  Hugh was really upset with the GOP senators saying this vote will not be forgotten. 
Hopefully the people that put the new congress and senators that will come in Jan. 2011 will show their distaste with this cave in and bring the GOP back to their senses and with along with the new young guns coming in, this will not happen again!
Update on second point:  With a different point of view,  Dick Morris on Sean Hannity's show on TV was pretty convincing in asserting that it was president Obama who caved.   This was Obama's line in the sand that the country couldn't afford "tax cuts" for the "rich" and he just folded like a cheap suit.  He says the liberals are furious with Obama he just gives in so easily. Morris claims that the reason Obama folded so quickly is that it was the GOP who held up strong [even the so called RINOS] as they all united forcing the president to give in.
I can see both sides on this issue and I have so much respect for Hugh Hewitt, but I also know perception is everything in politics and Morris just might be right that the perception will be that Obama caved as the GOP won.  We will see how this plays out in the future.

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