Monday, December 13, 2010

The beginning of the end of Obamacare?

Woo Hoo!   Are we seeing the beginning of the end of Obamacare?  I think so.

From Jay Sekulow's trial notebook on his website:
"VA: Sound & Significant Victory Against ObamaCare"

It's nothing short of a decisive and significant victory against the pro-abortion, government-run health care law.
A federal district court judge today declared the key provision of ObamaCare - the mandate forcing individuals to purchase health care insurance - unconstitutional.
In a 42-page decision issued today, U.S. District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson in Richmond concluded the individual mandate provision "exceeds the constitutional boundaries of congressional power."  The complete opinion is posted here.
This is a very sound decision that guts ObamaCare.  It represents a decisive and significant victory for America against the largest power-grab by the federal government in U.S. history. 

This ruling will be appealed and it will go to the 4th circuit court of appeals, which Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, says is one of the most conservative court of appeals in the nation. So, a very good chance this ruling will be upheld there. Then the next step, the Supreme Court, where it almost surely will ride on one vote: Justice Kennedy.
If Justice Kennedy rules how we hope, and again Jay Sekulow has said he doesn't see how he could favor the individual mandate in the bill..... then Obamacare is dead!

The real death panel will have spoken!

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