Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are the Dems really this stupid?

I think the breaking news of Dems in House rejecting the so called compromise tax cut plan could be great news for the GOP. There are many of us conservatives who felt it was the GOP leadership in the senate that compromised too quickly, giving up too much. This most note worthy of these conservatives I believe is radio host Hugh Hewitt. He believes, as many of us do, that the tax cuts, i.e., the rates set under GW Bush need to be made permanent. That way business can really have a better feel for the future. At least if they weren't made permanent, 2 years was too little time to give confidence and bring certainty to the business community. The same with the estate tax and capital gains tax reductions set under Bush.   Now with this action taken by the Dems, if a deal isn't done, this takes the GOP who gave into this deal, off the hook.  Also, it would mean that the new congress taking over in  January, led by Speaker Boehner will have all the cards to deal with and can then keep to their word in the principles they put out in their Pledge to America.

Can the Dems really be this stupid.   First they held out for 2 years in dealing with the Bush tax cut expiration date, and they didn't even talk about them before the 2010 election, which was probably the straw that broke the camel's back, as the people completely rejected the Dems in an astonishing election.   That ensured that the tax cuts would surely be extended with the new congress that they helped foster into being with their irresponsible actions.

Now, they get a deal that gives them some of what they want and if they stop it, what the GOP installs in the new congress will surely be worse in their eyes.
Come on Dems, don't let us down in your stupidity. Block that bill, block that bill! 
Also, it takes away from the Dems and the president ownership of the deal and it would give the GOP ownership of the credit if the economy turns around.

Come on libs, don't let us down now!

Update:  Former senator Rick Santorum on Greta Van Susteran's show seems to agree with Hugh Hewitt. He said if this deal goes down he wouldn't be all that unhappy because he thinks, like I do, that come January  the Republicans will get a better deal.

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