Monday, November 8, 2010

Whose the enemy?

Hat Tip:

President Barrack Obama has no problem in giving a clear, concise answer when calling police stupid or American citizens enemies or that Republicans should sit in the back [of the bus].
But when it comes to Ahmajinadad, Iran, Hugo Chavez or Jihadists, all of a sudden nuance must rule the day.  Listen to the president hem and haw his way thru a question by a young Indian student about 'how the president feels about Jihad or Jihadists.' [Hey US MSM listen of the best questions Obama has faced in 2 years] 

Notice the way all of the leads on this story [if you google it] say Obama faces tough questions.  Huh, this is like asking the president, do you believe in murder....oh, man how tough can you get. I feel for the man.

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