Tuesday, November 2, 2010

twitter speak

For those who are on twitter and new to it, there are certain ways we refer to president Obama [now, now, no cussing allowed]. 

PBHO  [president Barrack Hussein Obama]
POTUS [president of the United States]
TOTUS [teleprompter of the United States]
OIIOHH [Obama is in over his head]
BARRY [from time in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro...by the way..why did it change back to  Barrack Hussein Obama...I've never heard an explination]
APOLOGIZER IN CHIEF  Always apologizing...on foreign ground--for America's "faults"
DIVIDER IN CHIEF  [enemies... Cambridge police acted stupidly, etc.]
BLAMER IN CHIEF  [it's Bush's fault, it's Bush's fault, it's Bush's fault]
BAMBI  [sorry about this one...that's the tribble in me] :-)

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