Thursday, November 4, 2010

somebody's got to carry them

After just getting 'shellacked' PBHO is off to India accompanied by 3000 people, 34 warships, and 200 million dollars [a day] of our tax payers money.   Anyone else think this is out of whack?   
Of course he will get to visit a big mosque ...I guess we still haven't had enough outreach to the great religion of peace.  Why again do so many Americans mistakenly think our president is a Muslim?  I'll never figure that one out. 
But really 3000 people?...I know the man needs security...but.... oh, wait a second, somebody has to carry the teleprompters.   Never mind.

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GreatHairGuy said...

This will help you understand Obama, That and a clinical description of megalomania should do the trick.

-Ken (GreatHairGuy)