Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rush isn't making sense today

Rush talking about the debt commission report is talking how the liberal Dems and MSM are crying and whining over what the debt commission has put out.  He then says the Republicans are saying hmm, we have to look at this.. Rush warns the GOP not to get snookered into this and we should take our cue from the Dems.  Huh, if the liberals and MSM are gnashing their teeth over this, then doesn't that mean it might not be such a bad idea.  He says well the liberals are against it and we know they are stupid , that they should love what's in it and run with it... and that's how we should take our cue from them...that just doesn't make sense.

I know the devil is in the details, and I may be way off base once I see the details, but if they actually recommended lowering all tax rates [taking away all deductions...which by the way, is kind of the principle of a flat tax], and they suggested in reducing government programs and lowering spending, and dealing in an adult way on the entitlement sure sounds like a starting point to me.   Again, if in the details Rush is right and I am just getting snookered in then I reserve the right to take back everything I said. :-)

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