Friday, November 5, 2010

Pray for Israel

I just heard the end of an interview from former senator Rick Santorum with Carolyn Glick [American born, who now lives in Israel] author and Israeli expert on Bill Bennetts radio show Morning in America.  Carolyn was very emotional saying how the Obama administration is pressuring Israel, in negotiations that are going on right now with PM Netanyahu, in giving up the west bank and all of East Jerusalem.  She said she can't believe that Netanyahu is actually negogiating with this administration saying that he might accept giving over East Jerusalem if Israel could lease it [between 40 and 99 years]. Carolyn was really upset that Netanyahu would even engage this anti Israel president of ours [she calls Obama "hostile" to Israel].  Everyone please read this:
Please everyone pray for Israel and pray for PM Bibi Netanyahu to be strong against the pressure this American administration is putting on him.

Update: After the interview with Carolyn Glick, Rick Santorum has just interviewed Frank Gaffney. He said Carolyn is his good friend and guru on matters regarding Israel so he has no doubt, everything she said is true.    He went on to say, as distressing that is, what is more worriesome is that the Palestinian authority, without any treaty or negotiations is going to just declare their "Palestinian" state and bring this proposal in the United Nations.  Our administration would not block this.

What saddened me most in the presidential elections of 2008 was how 78% of American Jews voted for Barrack Obama.   I tried my best to inform Jewish people that this would be the exact result we would get from him [it was so obvious with all of his associations-friends/mentors who were hostile to Israel] but all I would get in return how I was distorting bad things about him, internet lies, etc. and that he would be a good friend of Israel.  It is one thing that we don't have a friend of Israel in the White House, but to have a man who, I believe, could care less about the existense of Israel is really sad. 
OK, I will give all Jews a break, that they were misled, fooled by him the first time, but any Jew who would vote for this man a second time in 2012 is a Jew who does not care about the existense of the state of Israel.  "Never again" would just be hollow words from those people.

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