Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One question

Our voices were small when the 850 billion dollar stimulus package was voted on, so I guess you didn’t hear us.

Our voices were a little louder as you took over much of the auto industry. We said, whoa, we didn’t vote for this, but you didn’t hear us.

You were discussing Obama care in town hall meetings, but instead of listening to us, you scolded us, made fun of us, said this is how you have to talk to your kids, talked on your cell phone as we asked you questions, and you called us names. So, obviously you didn’t hear us then.

A new phenomenon in modern American history, the tea parties developed. Our voices now were becoming loud, but instead of hearing us or listening to us, you called us racists, extremists, un American.

You sure didn’t hear us as cap and tax was passed in the house.

Then as Obama care was getting close to being voted on, our voices roared with NO from Virginia, New Jersey and especially Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts. Instead of hearing us…you doubled down… smugly, arrogantly told us we would find out what was in the bill once it was passed.
Indeed, you ignored our voices and passed Obama care against our wishes.

Our voices were loud and clear at rallies all over this country and culminating on the Washington mall, and instead of listening to us, you mocked us.

So, I have just one question for president Obama, the Democrats in congress, and the main stream media:      DO YOU HEAR US NOW?

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