Friday, November 19, 2010

Not so concerned about this hate crimes now?

Remember the despicable political add in the 2000 election against G W Bush, by the NAACP, using James Byrd's daughter: "it was like my father was dragged  (by Bush) all over again." Well those monsters that committed that evil act were executed (could a hate crime law bring any harsher punishment?). It didn't matter to the liberals or the NAACP that put out this 'hate' add. To the liberals George W Bush was guilty because he didn't support this enhanced hate crime bill in Texas.
Now we have the case of Al Quaida terrorist Ahmed Ghailani, who the Obama administration determined should receive all the constitutional rights of an American citizen by granting him a civilian trial in NYC.
Well Ahmed was found guilty on only one count of conspiracy and found not guilty on all other hundreds of counts [including murder].  He will not get the death penalty, no he will not even recieve a life in prison sentence for his cowardly act of his support in the vicious bombings in 1998 of the embassies n Kenya and Tanzania.
So, where the hell is the outrage?  I want to hear the liberals cry out for justice...these self appointed moral judges of justice.   
If Eric Holder and the Obama administration believe this foreign enemy combatant should recieve all the constitutional rights that affords every American citizen, then shouldn't he be subject to all American laws, including hate crime laws. Your foolish play, Obama administration [in the guise of Eric Holder] has cost the victims of those terrorists acts...inclucing many Americans, justice. 
If you are not going to try this animal in a military tribunal, then at least go ahead and charge him with a hate crime. Is there a more hate crime than this?

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