Monday, November 15, 2010

Next RNC chair

Hugh Hewitt has recommended that Bill Bennett be the next RNC chair.  He likes his unassuming, soft spoken, intelligent, get things done personality that would be a good contrast to the flamboyant Michael Steele [who Hugh did not criticize, but thinks at this time we can do better].
Bill Bennett's response to Hugh [on his Morning in America radio show] was that he appreciated the kind words from Hugh, but no, no he really wasn't interested. He said he was not a detailed nuts and bolts political man.  Then Bill said laughingly, "what, does Hugh want me off the air so he can take my time slot."

My suggestion for the next RNC chair has, I believe, the same qualitites Hugh would like in the next chairman, and I was wishing he would have won the last time: Ken Blackwell [former Secretary of State of Ohio].  Just like Bill Bennett a decent, strong, but soft spoken, intelligent man. I am hoping this time he is the choice!

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