Monday, November 29, 2010

Mr. Barry Goes to Washington

"Mr. Barry Goes to Washington" or "What were we thinking of?"  by big Mike

Young, inexperienced Barry S., the community organizer, had a dream one day. He wanted to go to Washington to clean up all the dirty ways that America has operated under [capitalism, the idea of working hard so you can keep the fruits of your labor for you and your family, the idea that America stands alone as the exceptional country in the world].   Barry wanted to transform America to its rightful place as just another country among many.  Why, Barry thought to himself, should America be better than any other.

Young Barry grew up with a mother who was a non believer [not that there's anything wrong with that], with a Muslim father, another Muslim father, Muslim grandparents, Muslim brothers and sister. 
Barry, the Christian, loved being a community organizer so he could be with the real people that made America.   He really developed as a man under the wonderful guidance and tutelage of the most reverend Ahmnot Right.  Barry has said [and he must have learned it from the good reverend]  he was a Christian because Jesus said that you should be your brother's keeper.    Barry S. says he missed  the rest of Ahmnot's sermon which described how to be your brothers keeper:  Take from those dirty, evil, rich, white Europeans and give it to the brothers.

But while Mr Barry S might have missed some of Rev Ahmnot Right's sermons,  he was Blessed to have other great friends that  led him to being the man he is today.     The wonderful Bill Errors and Bernadine Doorin, founders of the 'Weather Over the Ground' glee club.     We understand at their concerts they really blew it up. 
Two of Barry's other friends and mentors who helped him in his mature development were  the Rev Weaks and Father Phlegmer.

There was one big problem that Barry had to overcome to  realize his dream.    He had to get elected.       Unfortunately, most people in the United States were not as brilliant as Barry.  A lot  of the American people, those that clung to their guns and religion,   didn't look kindly to Barry's  mentors    How would he solve that problem?
Barry would have to buy........................................ a bus.... a big bus.

While most of his mentors voluntarily knew how to get under it for the cause, the Reverend Ahmnot Right said "the hell if I'm going under that bus".  So, southpaw Barry had to show off  the great pitching skills he would later show at the mound in the All Star baseball game by throwing the Rev perfectly under that bus.
With his friends put in their place by the brilliant one, the election was just a formality.  Barry would now reach his dream.

Once in Washington, Mr. Barry wasted no time in trying to transform America, so the first lady could be proud of  her country a second time in her adult life. 
He proved some of his kooky critics wrong [by thinking he might really be a Muslim] by signing a stimulus bill so laden with pork it made even non Muslims cringe.  How could he possibly be a Muslim if he would sign a bill so full of pork?

Quickly, he moved to cap and tax legislation, that if enacted would surely lead a long way to make young Barry's  dream of transforming America come true.      Then he took General Motors under his wing, 'wowing' even established  socialists.  Hugo Chavez laughingly quipped to Fidel Castro: "He is making America more socialist than us."

Next came health care.   With the United States having the best health care system in the world, that was a big problem for BS.    How fair is that, that the American people should be afforded such a good health care system, while people living in other countries aren't that fortunate. 
Mr. Barry,  not one to backing away from his destruction of America,  jammed O care.... I mean S care, thru even though the American people were unified in their opposition to it.  
The always adorable first lady was overheard talking about the American people:  "Let them eat salad."

Wow, that Mr. Barry S was true to his words.          
But there was a  problem that developed, that if allowed to continue would be a thorn in the side of Barry's plans.    There were these evil, mean people in the country who partied all the time, drinking green tea.      They lied so much about this good man.  They used the all and powerful big media's Foxy Ladies News Channel  to try and destroy him. 

It looked bad for Mr Smith..... I mean Mr Barry,  but coming to his rescue were his goons, I mean supporters, who fought back against these party people.   They called them what they were: racists, bigots, hateful, un American....and that was the nice things they said about them. 

As we approach two years in young Mr Barry S's term, we know not the ending.  Will this young genius achieve his goal to once and for all transform America into a country we will not recognize or will Barry fail and  America stay the evil country it is, thinking she  is better than the rest?
Only God knows...............or, as Barry's mother would have said: Who knows?
playing Mr. Barry S.  ----  a man named Barrack Hussein
playing the always adorable 1st lady  ----   a lady named Michelle from Chicago
playing the reverend Ahmnot Right ----  Reverend J Wright

 playing Father Phlemgmer, Bernadien Doorin, William Errors,
 and Reverend Weaks-----well, you know who they are

 the bus was played by--------the bus
 Barry's dream played by------America's nightmare

 The people who partied were played by--------patriots!


bradley said...

well done mr mike

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Brad!

genjunky said...

Well done Michael,(applause) :). I can't wait for the conclusion, hopefully that will be coming very shortly.

Big Mike said...

Yes, patriot...hopefully and prayerfully the conclusion will be Barry's rejection by the American people in 2012!