Monday, November 22, 2010

In support of Glenn Beck

Abe Foxman, president of the ADL [a man I respect] recently criticized Glenn Beck for some remarks that he made about George Soros during the time Soros was a 13 year old during the holocaust. I did not see those remarks and did not see that segment on Glenn Beck's show.   Now you have Simon Greer president of the liberal 'Jewish Funds for Justice'  sending out e-mails wanting people to sign a petition to get Glenn Beck fired.  I don't agree with all Beck says [i.e., some of his libertarian positions, and pronouncements that there is not much difference between Republicans and Democrats] and as I said I didn't see the remarks Beck made..but one thing I do know, from having listened to Glenn Beck's radio program in the past and watching when I get the chance his TV show on the FNC, Glenn Beck is no anti Semite.  Just the opposite I have heard many times his love for the Jewish people and his strong support of Israel. He was one of the few and definitely one of the first members of the media who showed the true nature of the so called "peace" ship and the thugs on it who were tryng to break the Israel blockade [in which a lot of the MSM was eager to jump on the Israeli military].  Glenn Beck should neither be fired or silenced.
The man Glen Beck was criticizing George Soros is anti American, anti capitalist and anti Israel. To me because of his wealth and his views he is a dangerous man.  As a Jew who loves America and loves Israel, I find George Soros much more out of step with our values than Glenn Beck.
I only wish the ADL [which I believe does a lot of good work] and liberal Jewish organizations would be as quick to criticize Dems who have made some outrageous name calling [Nazi comparisons and terms] as they are quick to jump on a Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich or a Glenn Beck.   You had Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house saying tea party people were like the brown shirts.  You had a senator of the United States, Dick Durbin of IL, calling our soldiers performance in Iraq similar to those of the Nazis. The outrage from most liberal Jewish organizations was hard to find. 
These statements were bad enough but I believe the most outrageous and sickening comment involving the holocaust was made by President Barack Hussein Obama in his famous [a lot of us feel infamous] speech in Cairo to the Muslims of the world.  While acknowledging that the holocaust did indeed occur [oh, how nice of you Mr president] and saying horrible things were done in it, said in the very next breath 'on the other hand' bad things are being done to the Palestinians in Gaza.  Is there any more outrageous statement, comparing the slaughter and unbelievable inhumanity and suffering the Jews endured by the Nazis during the holocaust to the  treatment of the Palesinians [infering by the Jews in Israel].  How sick is that?   The silence [of liberal Jews and liberal Jewish organizations] regarding that speech was deafening. I didn't hear  Simon Greer of Jewish funds for Justice asking for president Obama to even apologize for those horrific remarks.   Let me state clearly there is no moral equivalence between what the Jews faced by the Nazis in the holocaust to what the Palesinians are facing. NONE!

By me criticizing the president this harshly you may accuse me of being a hypocrite, because  I was willing to overlook a statement Beck made. But remember I said in the Beck case I was looking at  his whole body of work and life.   To get that totality of Barrack Obama we  have evidence before us: Rev Wright, Father Phleger, William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Rev Meeks, Rashid Khalidi, etc..  I titled this post in support of Glenn Beck, but could have easily called it: It is time for the double standard to STOP!


Jonathan said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I, like you, disagree with some things Glenn Beck says (especially when he refers to God or Jesus), but he is no one anti-semite. He does support Israel, as well as speaks out against injustices made against Israel.

Maybe we should start a petition so he doesn't get fired, as he is one of the few who has the guts to stand his ground and speak against all these libs who just want to take advantage of the less informed.

Big Mike said...

Thanks big John!

genjunky said...

Firing Glenn Beck would be a grave mistake. He will not be the sacrificial lamb for the MSM or George Soros. If anything he is the modern day Paul Revere if only we would listen to what he says. This gentleman is not out to harm anyone, he has gone so far as to pray for Obama and family. So don't hand me this Glenn Beck should be fired bull, Soros should have the dignity and grace Glenn Beck possesses.

Big Mike said...

Amen!! Great comments patriot!