Monday, November 8, 2010

Enough Already

Just watching a DVR replay of Candy Crowley on CNN's 'State of the Union'.  I usually like Candy Crowley because she is fairer than most of the MSM pundits, but she [as the other hosts] seems obssessed with trying to get Repbulicans to say that this election wasn't a vote in favor of Republicans because exit polls showed the people dislike GOP as much as Dems.  The Republican interviewed always feels obligated to say this wasn't a vote in favor of us...yadah, yadah, yadah...enough already.  I agree with Hugh Hewitt who told one of the Republican winners he was interviewing on his radio show to stop that kind of talk. This was voters saying we do want you [GOP] in there..we are just watching to make sure you do what you say.
If voters didn't want either party in there, then where are all the 3rd party candidates that won?
So, please, GOP..act like winners which you are.  Stop, almost apologizing for winning, by saying the public doesn't like us either. Leave that up for the MSM..which they do a very good job of.

Another thing all the MSM pundits are obsessed with is the "exit polls' .. saying they show as many people want Obama care as those that want it repealed.   I'm sure those "exit polls" give comfort to all those Dems who lost because they drank the kool aid and voted for Obama care.
I'll rely on the best exit poll of all 60+ GOP takeover in the house, rather than the MSM's exit polls.

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