Friday, November 26, 2010

Dennis Prager is right!

As I was driving my Mom to my older brother's house for our family's traditional Thanksgiving get together, I was listening to the brilliant radio talk show host, Dennis Prager [one of the only talk show hosts who is on live during the holidays]. He was talking about how lucky he is [especially as a Jew] to have been born in America.
As he took calls, this one caller said his orthodox Rabbi doesn't recognize or celebrate any American holidays and that includes Thanksgiving. The caller asked Dennis if he knew why. Mr Prager didn't even speculate on that, but said without hesitation that this Rabbi was a fool. There has been no country in the world that has treated Jews as good as America has. He and I are proud this nation was born with such a strong Christian foundation. The Judeo-Christian ideals have welcomed Jews like no where else in the world.
I feel so Blessed by God to have been born in the United States of America!

Update: thanks to @conservativeLA on twitter who informs me that this show was a repeat from 11/27/2003

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