Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Civil war in GOP house is highly exagerated!

The MSM is hoping and praying and touting that Michele Bachmann's decision to run against TX rep Jeb Hensarling for the chairmanship of the House Republican Conference will split the GOP apart and be the beginning of a great civil war between the tea party and long time GOP members.
Sorry to bring you this sad news MSM, but Michele Bachmann stated on the Hugh Hewitt show on Nov. 8 that Hensarling was her mentor and she likes him as a bona fide strong conservative.  She also said that the GOP is Blessed to have two good conservatives running and whoever wins will be a bonus for the GOP!  So, there will be no sorry loser, whoever wins the chairmanship.
I love that attitude of Michele Bachmann.  She is a team player [as long as the team is conservative] and will do nothing to destroy the team!
You have to look for another issue to tear down GOP main stream media, it isn't this one.

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