Wednesday, August 29, 2018

My New Hero

As Mr. and Mrs. Tales on a mini -vacation, here is a best of the Tales.
I posted this on my Facebook page today, Sept. 5, 2017:

One thing being in Houston and realizing the devastation that many tens of thousands of individuals and families have had to deal with, like my sister, Susan Spitzberg and her husband Larry Spitzberg, with flooded homes and an unknown length future of headache in repairing and rebuilding [and some like my sister who it still may be another week before they can even go back to their homes], I will never complain again about some minor inconvenience, like heavy traffic, etc. I will always go back to, yeah but my sister got flooded out of her house.

Blessed to have sister Susan
My sister Susan is my new hero. She is an amazing person who is one of the most beloved teachers at St. Johns School in Houston.  She loves her kids and they [and their parents] love her. So, can you guess what the thing she was worried about most a couple of weeks ago, when she had to have a pacemaker surgery procedure--not the procedure-but the fact that she would miss the first day of school with her kids.  She even lobbied to have it delayed a week, but the doctor insisted she had it immediately.  And I bet you right now, having been flooded out of her home and her car, the thing she is most concerned about is her kids-no doubt in my mind.

I love you sister Susan, my new hero!


bradley said...

Big Mike, I have tears in my eye as I read this post because it is so so true and exactly my sentiments. Susan is remarkable , the epitome of strength , Reenie and pop are gleaming w pride in how she has handled everything so far.
Thx for honoring a true hero , a special special person.

Brad Beckman

Big Mike said...

Thanks brother! Love you!