Thursday, August 17, 2017

This First Pitch Gives New Definition To Throwing Junk

John Berman - CNN morning host
Hat/Tip: Hugh Hewitt who mentioned this video on his morning radio show; and to CNN Host John Berman who I must give credit to the quip I used in the title of this post that the following video should be called "throwing junk".

I love baseball, and just one of the reasons is for its many long held traditions.  One of those traditions is having some different citizen/fan/celebrity, etc. throw out "the first pitch", before the game starts.   

I've seen many funny things happen during that first pitch ceremony, but what happened last night [Wed.-Aug. 16, 2017] in Fenway Park in Boston in a game between the Red Sox and Cardinals tops them all.  I am certainly not making fun of the fan of the Red Sox who threw out the first pitch, Jordan Leandre, who is a 17 year old courageous cancer survivor, just at the results of the pitch,  just a little bit outside.

Thanks to John Berman who I first heard say this, 
This First Pitch Gives New Definition To "Throwing Junk":

Jordan, I don't care if you can pitch or not, you are still a hero of mine for what you went through surviving cancer as a young child.  Bless You! 

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