Sunday, July 2, 2017

Relaxing Schubert Impromptu

Franz Schubert [1797 - 1828]
On this Sunday on the Tales classical music weekend we turn to some light, relaxing music by one of my favorite composers Franz Schubert, his piano impromptu #3 in G-Flat Major.  Like Mendelssohn, the late Classical-early Romantic Era composer, was known for his beautiful melodies.  And this piece is representative of Schubert's style with a beautiful melodic relaxing piece fit for a Sunday.  

After a hectic week that some of you may have endured, this impromptu is the perfect antidote to ease your mind.   And for those that didn't have a hectic week, you will still enjoy this relaxing beauty.

Turn up the volume and enjoy some beautiful Schubert music for solo piano.

Franz Schubert: Impromptu #3 in G-Flat Major for piano:

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