Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Classic Musical Makes For Quite a Show

A good portion of this blog is dedicated to classical music [especially every weekend on The Tales]. Well "Show Boat" may not contain classical music but it is definitely one of the great classic musicals.  Two legends of song writing collaborated in giving some great songs in this musical: Jerome Kern with the music and Oscar Hammerstein II with the lyrics.

Maybe not classical music but a classic musical
This musical takes place on the "Show Boat" traveling on the Mississippi River.  That brings back memories of my youth, born in St. Louis, when our family would drive over this bridge across the Mississippi many times to go into East St. Louis, Illinois where one of our favorite restaurants called Stoplight was.  [wonder if it is still there?] 

A couple of years ago in Houston the fetching Mrs. B and I saw the musical Show Boat, and it was quite a 'show' indeed!

One of the great show tunes ever written, "Old Man River" came out of this epic performing art.  In the first video, the legendary bass-baritone singer William Warfield gives an awesome performance of "Ol' Man River".  Then in an equal awesome performance, bass-baritone and bass singer, Samuel Ramey sings "Ol' Man River" in the second video. 

Please turn up the volume and enjoy these two great performances. 

"Ol' Man River" [William Warfield]: from "Show Boat"- Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein II:

"Ol' Man River" [Samuel Ramey]: from Showboat: Jerome Kern/ Oscar Hammerstein II

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