Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Sacred Baroque

As with many of the Baroque and classical composers, Johann Sebastian Bach was a very religious man who received much of his music training in the church.  He wrote many moving religious compositions, one of which is his sacred oratorio, the stirring St. Matthew Passion.
Johann Sebastian Bach [1685 - 1750]
On Sunday on the Tales classical music weekends we like to highlight a lighter, more serene peace of music for your enjoyment and this soothing music from Bach's St. Matthew Passion fits the bill, we believe. 

So, please turn up the sound and enjoy the opening and final chorus of this sacred piece by the giant of Baroque music, Johann Sebastian Bach. 

J.S. Bach: The St. Matthew Passion, opening of Part I:

J.S. Bach: The St. Matthew Passion, final chorus:

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