Friday, February 10, 2017

Senator Marco Rubio's Plea For The Return Of Comity In USA

The country for decades has been divided by party and ideological lines but it seems like, to me, in this last decade the animosity between between each side is getting worse by the day. 

The division and enmity seemed to culminate in the United States Senate hearings on Jeff Sessions nomination for Attorney General when Sen Elizabeth Warren attacked her fellow senator [against the rules] and then that seldom [if ever] used rule was invoked by the Republicans to sit her down. 

After that incident, Senator Marco Rubio went to the US Senate floor on Tuesday night in obvious frustration about political debate in the United States seemingly spiraling dangerously out of control and gave a speech. He told his fellow senators "if we lose this body's [U.S. Senate] ability to conduct debates without being respectful to each other [and each other's point of view], then where else in this country can it happen? There is no other place."

The "great communicator 2" - Senator Marco Rubio R-FL
This was Senator Rubio at his best giving an impassioned great speech calling for all sides to stop with the personal attacks and calling for the return of comity.  I wish everyone could hear this great communicator in this call for unity as patriotic Americans. 

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on debate in U.S. Senate [S-SPAN], Feb. 7, 2017:

I love this great man!

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