Friday, January 27, 2017

Happy Birthday Wolfie!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [Jan. 27, 1756 - December 5, 1791]
On this Friday, January 27, 2017 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would have been 261 years old.  Tales celebrates the great classical composer's birthday.  He was born in Salzburg, Austria and was a child prodigy on piano and violin. While his life was a short 35 years, he was a prolific composer of 27 piano concertos, 41 symphonies, 5 violin concertos, 22 operas, numerous masses, concertos for horn, flute and clarinet, and a vast number of chamber music pieces.  Mozart wasn't just one of the greatest, if not the greatest composers ever because of the prolificacy of compositions. He was also great because of the greatness of the compositions themselves.

Mozart was the quintessential classical composer who set the gold standard for classical compositions.

I believe there is a consensus among musicologists studying Mozart's compositions of their evaluation: perfect.  In his compositions are some of the most beautiful melodies ever written. They will be loved and played by music lovers forever.

While I have so many favorite classical music composers, my top three are Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.  It depends upon the day on which one I put on top. Because on this weekend we celebrate Mozart's birthday, today I will put him as #1.  :-)

For those of you who know little about classical music but want to start learning about it, I would suggest going to your local music store [that has a good section for classical music] and pick out any piece by Mozart. I don't care what you choose, you can't go wrong.

So, to celebrate this epic composer's birthday, enjoy just a few of his great works of music: Mozart's last piano concerto, which was written near his death; the "Queen of the night" aria the most famous aria from Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute"; the first movement of Mozart's dramatic, penultimate 40th symphony; Mozart's smooth, bright clarinet concerto in A-Major; and the playful rondo movement of Mozart's piano quartet in G-minor. 

Please turn up the volume and enjoy some Mozart!

W.A. Mozart: Piano Concerto #27 in B flat Major, Movement 3, allegro:

W.A. Mozart: "Queen of the night" Aria from the Magic Flute:

W.A. Mozart: Symphony #40 in G minor, movement 1, molto allegro:

W.A. Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A-Major:

W. A. Mozart: Piano Quartet in G-minor, movement 3, Rondo:

Happy Birthday Wolfie!

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