Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dr. Krauthammer On the Nastiest Campaign Ever

To show you that every four years during either the primaries or the presidential election cycle we go through this same process of wondering if there has ever been an election as bad as the one we are experiencing now, I found this "Tales" post from four years ago.  This was about the Republican nominating process in which Mitt Romney prevailed as the GOP nominee.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer On The Nastiest Campaign Ever:  [from March 20, 2012]

On the Fox News Special Report panel segment on Monday night, Bret Baier asked the panel if this [GOP nomination battle] is the nastiest campaign ever?  When he turned to my favorite panelist, Dr. Charles Krauthammer...

Dr. Krauthammer's serious look suddenly gave way into a sly smile [when you know you are about to hear one of his brilliant quips] and he said:  "I would say that would be Octavius and Marc Anthony. There you lose and die. Here you lose and go to K-street and become a lobbyist."

Now that is why I call him the brilliant Charles Krauthammer. 
Why do I think in 2020 [either in the nominating battle or in the presidential campaign] we will be asking this same question, "Is this the nastiest campaign ever?"  

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