Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Dr. Krauthammer On the Nastiest Campaign Ever

With the recent sad passing of the brilliant and good man, Charles Krauthammer, I found this great quip by the great CK from 2012 that I wanted to share. This was about the Republican nominating process in which Mitt Romney prevailed as the GOP nominee.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer On The Nastiest Campaign Ever:  [from March 20, 2012]

On the Fox News Special Report panel segment on Monday night, Bret Baier asked the panel if this [GOP nomination battle] is the nastiest campaign ever? When he turned to my favorite panelist, Dr. Charles Krauthammer...

Dr. Krauthammer's serious look suddenly gave way into a sly smile [when you know you are about to hear one of his brilliant quips] and he said:  "I would say that would be Octavius and Marc Anthony. There you lose and die. Here you lose and go to K-street and become a lobbyist."

Now that is why I call him the brilliant Charles Krauthammer. ____________________________________________
Why do I think in 2020 [either in the nominating battle or in the presidential campaign] we will be asking this same question, "Is this the nastiest campaign ever?"  

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