Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Krauthammer Poses The Important Question To Republicans Supporting Trump

Bret Baier - host of Special Report
My favorite show on the Fox News Channel is Bret Baier's Special Report.  The segment of the Special Report I look most forward to is the panel, which features my favorite, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, as one of the panelists.  

Krauthammer didn't fail to disappoint on Monday night as he gave a powerful commentary about Trump's recent racist statement regarding the federal judge, Gonzalo Curiel, who is handling the civil lawsuit case Trump is involved in.  

Dr. Krauthammer said everyone was missing the point about Donald Trump's incoherent rants about the judge, where he called this American born judge a Mexican and said the judge had a conflict of interest because of his Mexican heritage.  Krauthammer said this wasn't just some surprising gaffe or misspeak by Trump, but this was Trump revealing himself for who he is.  

Dr. Charles Krauthammer poses the important question to Republicans who are supporting Donald Trump

Dr. Krauthammer ended his commentary by saying those Republican politicians who have recently announced their support for Trump shouldn't just be wondering now if they made a tactical mistake.   

Then he posed the question [that you will hear at the end of this video] to these Republicans who are now supporting Donald Trump, that they should be asking themselves.  

Charles Krauthammer on Special Report, June 6, 2016:

Thank you Dr. Krauthammer for posing the question all Republicans, and especially those Republican delegates who will be attending the Republican Convention in Cleveland, should be asking themselves:  "Morally, is this the man you want to be the leader of your Party?"

For me the answer is no.

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