Thursday, August 18, 2016

But As For Me [UPDATE]

"I know not what course others may take; but as for me," I stand with these great patriots:

Weekly Standard - Fox News contributor - Stephen Hayes

Senior Editor National Review - Jonah Goldberg

NRO contributor - "Morning Jolt" newsletter - Jim Geraghty

CNN political commentator - Tara Setmayer

Editor Weekly Standard - Bill Kristol
Columnist Senior Fellow EPPC - NRO contributor - Mona Charen

Foreign Affairs columnist & Editor WSJ - FNC - Bret Stephens

GOP strategist/consultant - TV commentator - Cheri Jacobus

Blogger Washington Post - Friend of Israel - Jennifer Rubin
Writer - WSB Radio - FNC - Erick Erickson

NY Times best selling author - Brad Thor

Columnist - Author - worked in Reagan WH - Linda Chavez

U.S. Senator Nebraska Republican - Ben Sasse

Veteran - Writer NRO - Bestselling author - David French
Senior Editor NRO - music critic - Jay Nordlinger

  Columnist Washington Post - author - FNC - George Will

Republican media strategist - Rick Wilson

Blogger @Commentary - Senior Fellow EPPC - Peter Wehner

  Governor - 2012 GOP presidential nominee - Mitt Romney

Republican pundit - CNN - ABC - Ana Navarro

Conservative talk show host - author - Charlie Sykes

Townhall editor, Author, Fox News Contributor - Guy Benson

Professor Naval War College & Harvard Extension - Tom Nichols

A pretty impressive list in my humble opinion.
UPDATE:  August 18, 2016:  The great patriot, author Brad Thor has said he is now reconsidering his Never Trump stance and may vote for him.  I still love the man so I will keep him in my list and go with me standing by his original decision. :-) 

I am sorry to all of my friends [great patriots also] who think I am making a mistake, but I just can never forget, like it never happened, Trump demeaning Mexicans and American Latinos, saying an American born judge is unqualified because his parents were born in Mexico, saying he didn't respect as much an American war hero who faced torture in captivity because "he was captured and he respects more those who weren't captured", using vulgar terms for women, making demeaning aspersions at a Gold Star mother who lost her heroic son fighting for this country.  And while I was never for Donald Trump because I thought he was totally unqualified to be the president of the United States, especially when he showed his amazing lack of knowledge on foreign policy and national security issues and I would dread for him to be the commander-in-chief over the troops, the one act he did that sealed his fate for me to never vote for him was when he made fun of that disabled reporter. We lost a special needs child about 3 years ago and Trump's physical mocking that man literally made me sick to my stomach and I knew to myself then I would never vote for this "man".  

For those who say it's all about the Supreme Court, it's all about the Supreme Court, please read this well written article from John Yoo and Jeremy Rabkin:  "Filling Supreme Court Vacancies Isn't A Good Enough Reason To Vote For Trump."

Thank you.  


Marla Hughes said...

I agree with you, my friend.

Big Mike said...

Thank you, Marla!

Ken Mano said...

Be sure to listen to Dennis Prager's rationale.

Big Mike said...

Thanks for your comment Ken. Yes, I like and respect Dennis Prager but this is the position I have to take personally. I am not arguing that anyone else should join me but just letting you know that this is my position and I respect those who have made another. I just can't vote for Donald Trump or vote for Hillary Clinton.

bradley said...

The Republican Party, sadly has only themselves to blame for this tragic predicament. When the 14 primary candidates kept fighting each other and splitting primary votes while trump bad talked his way into victory showed terrible foresight. If the candidates would have come to 1-2 challengers early on, trump would have been trounced .
I said before and I repeat , there was only 1 candidate that would have caused lifelong republicans to vote democratic and that was obviously trump, but the trumpers ignored that and fell in line --- Christmas came early for Hillary and Santa Claus was warring republican red !

Big Mike said...

I agree with you totally Bradley!