Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mozart's Soothing Kegelstatt Trio

On this hopefully peaceful Sunday morning, I hope you will enjoy one of my favorite chamber music pieces, Mozart's piano trio for piano, clarinet and viola known as the Kegelstatt trio.

W.A. Mozart [1756 - 1791]
One of the reason it is one of my favorite chamber music pieces is that it contains my top 2 instruments I love the most, the piano and clarinet.  This is a very enjoyable soothing piece of music. 

This trio is scored in E-Flat Major.  Here is the mesmerizing third movement rondo, allegretto. 

Please turn up the volume and enjoy some soothing Mozart.

W.A. Mozart: Piano Trio in E-Flat Major for piano, clarinet and viola, "Kegelstatt",  Movement 3: Rondo - Allegretto:  

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