Tuesday, April 26, 2016

40th Anniversary Of Great Patriotic Act At Dodgers Stadium

One of the great acts of patriotism occurred 40 years ago [from yesterday] on April 25, 1976 at a Major League Baseball game at Dodgers Stadium between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs.  
baseball player and patriot - Rick Monday
This act of patriotism was made by Chicago Cubs outfielder, Rick Monday.  One thing to know about Rick, who is now a baseball announcer, is that he was not only a very good baseball player but also a former member of the Marine Corps Reserve. 

Here it is thanks to Major League Baseball:  April 25, 1976 at Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium - Dodgers vs. Cubs:

After this incident Monday was presented by the Dodgers organization with the American flag he saved on "Rick Monday Day" at Wrigley Field on May 4, 1976. 

Tales salutes great American patriot, Rick Monday. 


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