Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This MSNBC Host Needs To Leave

Boy I heard something on MSNBC that really made me sick to my stomach. I know, I know, you are asking me why am I listening to that far left wing claptrap.

This host, I am so upset I can't remember his name, with a smug face said the following on MSNBC.  And please sit down and don't have an object in your hand that you might throw at your computer screen when you read this.

MSNBC host going on an incoherent rant:   Bush lied, Collin Powell lied, "they all lied".  Bush "knew there were no weapons of mass destruction and just made that up so he could go to war".  He didn't care about American service men losing their lives because "he just wanted to go to war".  He made it all up and "he did it on purpose".  Bush lied and people died.  And I don't know why "Nancy Pelosi didn't bring impeachment charges against Bush" for all his lies.  If she would have brought impeachment charges against that liar, it "would have been a wonderful thing".  And "Bush didn't keep us safe".  "9-11 happened under his watch."  Bush was responsible for 9-11.  "I lost hundreds of friends in the World Trade Center" because Bush didn't keep us safe.  "George W. Bush was a disaster of a president" who was a liar, a war criminal, and who didn't keep us safe.  Yes, the country would have been a lot better off if he was impeached.

Does that make you sick or what?  How can they continue to get away putting out that xxxx?  That host just needs to 

Oops, hold it. I have to apologize.  I have just found out from the esteemed Tales law firm, Dewey, Cheatem and Howe, that that wasn't an MSNBC who went on that rant against President George W. Bush, it was Donald Trump at the South Carolina debate. 

Well, never mind then.

Donald "MSNBC" Trump

Please, I'm into begging now.  WAKE UP GOP!


bradley said...

There is not a word that accurately describes trump------ i've tried jerk, idiot, infantile, rude, woman verbal abuser, narcissistic, dangerous, embarrassing, prick, liar, intimidator, but none are bad enough to portray what he really is!

Big Mike said...

Brad..there is only one word that should concern the GOP--the word that describes him best and the Republicans better understand=