Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Serenade

Antonin Dvorak 1841-1904
I thought perfect for this Sunday would be some nice chamber music by Antonin Dvorak.

His beautiful Serenade for Strings.  His serenade for strings and his serenade for winds are two of the most popular in that genre.

This bright romantic piece is in E Major and consists of 5 movements:  1. Moderato  2. Tempo di Valse  3. Scherzo:Vivace   4. Larghetto   5. Finale:Allegro vivace

While most of this piece has a calm, serene beauty to it, you must remain until the end for the very exciting finish [almost Alfred Hitchcock like, with a surprise flourish that comes out of nowhere].

Please turn up the volume and listen to this wonderful Serenade by Antonin Dvorak.

Antonin Dvorak: Serenade For Strings in E-Major:


bradley said...

when these musical virtuosoes play like they do in the last 5 minutes, i cant help but think of the mental and physical shape they are in to maintain that focus, with finger strentgh and speed, wow

Big Mike said...

I think the exact same could almost call them athletes to perfrom like that.