Thursday, August 21, 2014

Obamacare, Anti-Gay?

When I first published this post in November of 2013, many people thought that this was a satire. I tried to make it humorous, but this actually was not a satire, and I think recent events have shown that instead, this post was very prescient.

On Special Report with Bret Baier this last week, Bret talked to this women, Susan Price who is a small business owner, who is married to a same sex partner and who echoed the exact sentiments I put in this post about Obamacare actually being discriminatory against same sex couples.  First read the post as originally published in November of 2013, then watch the short video of Susan Price's telling why she doesn't need or want to pay for the mandated birth control coverage that is in Obamacare.

Note:  Since this post was originally published, Ed Hendee, named in this post, has retired from his radio career to concentrate on his major business, owner of the Taste of Texas, a great steak restaurant in Houston.  Now Chris Salcedo, also of the Blaze, is host of the morning radio show on 700 am, Houston, TX.

Here is the post published on November 19, 2013 - "Obamacare, Anti-Gay?":

Local radio host and owner of the Taste of Texas restaurant, Edd Hendee, had this caller call in his radio show on Monday morning responding to this stubborn liberal caller who had just called in and didn't seem to listen to reason.  He told Edd, "Edd you are trying to appeal to him [the liberal caller] with facts and common sense, when liberals don't care about the facts-they only respond to emotion."

Houston talk show host Edd Hendee
The patriotic conservative talk show host agreed.  Yes, maybe we should try to communicate with liberals in the language they understand, opined Edd.   Let's appeal to them through emotion.

For example,  Edd Hendee wondered how liberals feel that Obamacare is anti-gay and anti-lesbian.

What's that, you may ask astonishingly?  Obamcare, anti-gay?  Well, every single policy is mandated to have maternity care.  Really president Obama?  You want to go there and rub it in gays and lesbians faces?  Maternity care for everyone? 

Plus, not only are lesbians and gays forced to have maternity care in their policies, that also means they are subsidizing the maternity care for couples who have those "evil" traditional marriages.  So, the president is not only rubbing traditional marriage in gays and lesbians faces, he is also making them pay for it.

Now the next time I hear those on the left tell us that president Obama has been giving Obamacare to us straight, I now understand they are referring to a certain type of woman. 

Straight women, this Obamacare is for you!

Obamacare, anti-Gay?   Tales reports, you decide.  

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