Sunday, April 13, 2014

Two Is Company, Three Is A Treat

I give you some chamber music for this wonderful Sunday to enjoy.  The exciting finale of Mendelssohn's trio for piano, violin and cello.  It is scored allegro assai appasionato which means it should be played at a fast tempo with much passion.  I think you will agree, this trio is true to Mendelssohn's score.

Please turn up the volume and enjoy this trio from one of my favorite composers, Felix Mendelssohn.

F. Mendelssohn: Piano Trio #1 in D minor, finale, allegro assai appasionato:


Pamela said...

This trio is one of my absolute favorites, but then I've long been a Mendelssohn fan. I just mastered the opening theme of his Variations Serieuses, and that may be all I will master - it's a hellish piece to play for anyone but the most gifted of pianists. Thanks for posting :-)

Big Mike said...

Thanks Pamela!!!