Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day, Sheralyn!


It is such a blessing to me to be married for 31 years [with #32 coming March 8] to the fetching Sheralyn.   What a wonderful person.  Please read this tribute, while for Jermaine, who we lost last May, is also a tribute for his special Mom, Sheralyn: Tribute To A Special Child and this post I did about Sheralyn when she called in  this local radio show, the Michael Berry Show:
A Strong Black Woman

Sheralyn and I love to go to hear our Houston Symphony Orchestra.  Tomorrow on the Tales classical music weekend I will play Sheralyn's #1 classical music piece.  Today for Valentine's Day I will play her second favorite piece, Rhapsody in Blue, by the early twentieth century iconic American pianist and composer George Gershwin.  While I wouldn't have chosen either of the pieces as my top two, and probably not in my top ten, I do love very much both of Sheralyn's top two pieces.  Here is a special recording of Rhapsody in Blue, not with the usual orchestra and piano that opens with the famous clarinet glissando, but an amazing version arranged for solo piano.

For you Sheralyn. Happy Valentines Day!

George Gershwin:  Rhapsody in Blue [solo piano arrangement with Jack Gibbons at the piano]:


bradley said...

Beautiful tribute to a special woman , from a loving special man!

Big Mike said...

Thank you Brad!!