Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why Is It That

Why is it that:

* the NSA says finding terrorists is like trying to find a needle in a haystack but then they create a huge haystack that it makes it hard to find that needle?

* it's called a foul line in baseball when, if a ball that hits the line, it is a fair ball?

* coaches and players that win a big game in any sport will say "this was a team win" -- So, does that mean that there are wins that are not team wins?

* if it's called a tweet, shouldn't it be called tweeter?

* it's 140 characters and not 150 characters?

* you ask children how old they are and not how young they are?

* many of those who warned us of the deleterious effects of second hand smoke are now celebrating laws making legal the first hand smoke of pot? 

* an NFL sports announcer will tell you how surprising a win by one team is, but in the next breath tell you that on any given Sunday one team can beat any other team?

* any law is entitled "affordable" [care act] on a piece of legislation coming out of Washington?

* Warren Buffet agrees with president Obama in saying that it is not fair that he is paying the same percentage of taxes as his secretary [which is doubtful], but he then takes every deduction allowed to make sure he is paying as low a percentage as possible?

* so many millionaire liberal Democrats are the ones decrying income inequality?

* ever since the disastrous roll out of Obamacare, you never hear a Democrat call it Obamacare anymore?

* the most exciting BCS bowl games ever to occur happen the year that marks the end of the BCS, that everyone was crying for?

* all the great movies come out at the same time?

* whenever any sports team wins a big playoff game at home, they will all say "our fans are the best, bar none."

* any news network would consider Al Sharpton someone worthy enough to have their own show?

*  you never hear the saying anymore that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

* the older you get, the older you think you have to be before you are considered old?

* it is so hard to lose weight and so easy to gain weight?

* Mile "High" Stadium just happens to be in the state where they just legalized marijuana?

* whenever your sports team wins a close game the local announcers will say, last year we wouldn't have won that game?

* most of the great classical composers died at such an early age?

* you can remember in detail a childhood event from decades ago, but can't remember what movie you saw last week?

* no matter how great a parent you try to be, you realize you will never be the parents that your Mom and Dad were to you?

* in Major League Baseball whenever a great play is made in the field, the person who made it always seems to lead off the next inning?

* you will hear both liberals and conservatives say if Martin Luther King were alive today he would be on whatever side of the issue they are supporting?

* we not only have to put up with the main stream media news reporters being almost singularly liberal but also the sports reporters?

* Juan Williams was one of the most objective reporters before Barack Obama became president, is now one of the least objective reporters after Barack Obama has become president?

* they stopped showing cartoons and those old news reels when you go to a movie?

* almost all of the great geniuses in music, art and literature lived hundreds of years ago?

* liberals will call a picture of Jesus in a bottle of urine an example of artistic free speech that must be tolerated, but then will call someone who expresses their belief in traditional marriage an example of bigoted hate speech that must be shunned?

* those same liberals that would never have a second thought of putting a picture of Jesus in a bottle of urine, never have a first thought of putting a picture of Mohammed in a bottle of urine?

* in Major League Baseball there is never a double header anymore?  [I know, I know, money...but they used to be so much fun for millions of kids]

* in tennis they call it an unforced error when, in reality, every error is unforced or it wouldn't be called an error?

* the main stream media never talks to conservative blacks when an issue of race comes up?


Why is it that

* it won't be until after I put out this post that I will realize so many obvious "why is it that's" that I missed putting in this post?


bradley said...

and one more from your local dermatologist---why is it, that as we grow older, we lose things we want (scalp hair, sexual function,strong skin) and we gain thinks we don't want (nose hair, dry skin, barnacles,)!!

Big Mike said...

Hi Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!