Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mozart and Beethoven On One Program--Does It Get Any Better?

Maestro Hans Graf
What a treat will be in store for the fetching Sheralyn B and I tonight as we go to Jones Hall in Houston to hear our great Houston Symphony Orchestra in a great concert program.  Houston welcomes back our previous conductor Hans Graf in a program that features probably the two most well known names in classical music, Beethoven and Mozart. These are not just the two most well known names, but Beethoven and Mozart are probably the top two most beloved composers. 

After Edvard Grieg's concert overture "In Autumn", will be one of my favorite piano concertos by Mozart, his number 23 in A Major.  This is a bright positive work with its beautiful melodic and pensive adagio movement I played just last Sunday on the Tales.  I love the exiting final movement which is in rondo form [and which I feature on today's post].

After intermission will be Beethoven's 6th Symphony masterpiece, "the Pastoral".  This epic symphony of sounds of nature is in F Major.  It is unique in the fact that it has five, rather than the usual four, movements that a symphony has: 1.  Allegro ma non troppo  2.  Andante molto mosso
3.  Scherzo, Allegro  4.  Allegro  5.  Rondo, Allegretto 

Said so beautifully by the Houston Symphony Orchestra web site: "The Pastoral brings you back to nature with its musical depiction of the countryside, punctuated with sweet birdsongs, the first drops of an unexpected storm, violent thunderclaps and the joyous return of the sun".

The final movement is one of great beauty and comfort containing a depiction of the shepherd's song of thanksgiving.  The ending is that of peaceful happiness, not the usual rousing climax of a Beethoven symphony.  

Once again Tales would like to share a little of what we will be experiencing tonight in Jones Hall.
Note:  I'd like to thank xyzkerry on U-Tube for the video of not just the music but awesome pics on the second video.

Please turn up the volume and enjoy:

W.A. Mozart: Piano Concerto in A Major, Movement 3, Rondo, Allegro Assai:

L.V. Beethoven: Symphony #6 in F Major, "Pastoral",  Movement 5, Allegretto:


bradley said...

Your knowledge and appreciation of classical music is palpable!! Enjoy

Big Mike said...

Thanks brother!!

Anonymous said...

I say when the babies are born, they come to this world knowing two names already, Beethoven and Mozart! Tell me it is so! Beethoven and Mozart pound my heart, and stir up my blood each and every light away. Ludwig, Wolfgang, you are the love of my life forever!

Anonymous said...

Also, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful information and music along with it Mike! (Above comment was by me). ;-)
Connie Bach

Big Mike said...

Thanks Connie.... I got your comment... I appreciate it!! If just one person enjoys my classical posts that makes it all worthwhile for me. Thanks for letting me know!!

Connie Bach said...

Also, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful information and music along with it Mike! (Above comment was by me). ;-)
Connie Bach

dbsnyder471 said...

My mind is polluted. I can't listen to the "pastoral" without thinking of "soylent green" :(

Big Mike said...

Me too, DB!!! :-)))