Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why Are These Dead Black Children Overlooked?

In doing this post I in no way am making light of the loss of the parents of Trayvon Martin. They have suffered the most heart breaking experience a parent can have, to have to bury their own child.  I am sincere when I say that my heart breaks for their loss and I pray that God comforts them and eases their pain.

Checking out the database from Redeyechicago of the deaths in Chicago in just 2013 [a little more than 1/2 of the year] here I checked the deaths [by homicide] of those under 20 years old [1-19].  According to that database, there were 61 deaths of children 19 years and under--50 of those deaths were blacks and 11 were white.  Many of those deaths were because of gang violence in Chicago and an overwhelming majority of blacks killed, were done at the hands of other blacks. And that is just the city of Chicago.  Past studies have shown that 93% of black homicides in America are done at the hands of other blacks.  In just the 3 years of 2009-2011 260 school children were killed in Chicago.  Again most of them were black children at the hands of other blacks.  Many of them were the result of gang violence.  In just the 20 days of the George Zimmerman trial 4 young children were gunned down in Chicago. This unspeakable violence is certainly not unique to Chicago.   The reason I bring out these statistics from Chicago is because this is where Barack Obama grew up. [as a young child and adult]  That is where he calls home.  If there was one city you think the president of the United States would be worried about would be his home of Chicago.  You would think president Obama would ache at the way too many deaths of young people in the place where he grew up as a man. 

Those statistics show you that way, way too many parents of black children have had the heart breaking experience of losing a child in gun violence.  Way too many parents have had the devastating task of having to bury their own children, as Trayvon Martin's parents did.  Those parents grieve just as much as the parents of Trayvon Martin.  Those parents will always have as much pain as those of Trayvon Martin's parents.  Those parents will want to know the answers of why did this happen to their child as much as Trayvon Martin's parents want answers for their child's death.

But there are certain things those parents won't have that Trayvon Martin's parents have had, and they can be found in these following questions of why.

Why don't you hear Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson call for demonstrations for those dead black children?
Why don't you hear president Obama say if he had a son he would look like one of those dead black children?
Why don't you have the news media talk about those dead black children for 24/7?
Why don't you have the NAACP call for a federal investigation for the deaths of those dead black children?
Why don't you have the Atty General of the US, Eric Holder find out if those dead black children had their civil rights violated?
Why isn't Eric Holder doing an investigation to find out if those dead black children were killed in a hate crime?
Why don't you hear members of the Congressional Black Caucus talk about how those dead black children were "hunted down like a rabid dog" [sic] "shot in the street" as they talked about Trayvon Martin?
Why doesn't Holder make a speech talking about the gun incidents of those dead black children and the need to have a discussion on race like he did on the death of Trayvon Martin?
Why didn't Eric Holder tell of the need to look at the "stand your ground" laws with any of those dead black children?
Why don't you hear Stevie Wonder say that he will boycott Illinois until the carnage of black youth killed by other blacks in Chicago stops?
Why don't you have Jesse Jackson asking the UN Human Rights Commission [talk about an oxymoron] to look into these black children's deaths?
Why hasn't the president of the United States given a speech about all the deaths of those black children in his hometown? 

Why isn't this administration and members of the congressional black caucus and the NAACP and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and other members of "race hustlers incorporated" asking those whys?

Those dead black children do not fit the narrative of a racist and unfair America.    Many of those dead black children were killed by other black children in gang violence and had nothing to do with the "stand your ground" law that this administration through Eric Holder is trying to exploit as the evil that is causing black children's deaths.  Those dead black children weren't killed by white people or by a "white Hispanic." [sic]  

Because of that, those dead black children are being overlooked.
Because of that, those dead black children are being forgotten, and that is the real travesty.

My hope would be that this administration [through the attorney general], the NAACP and the race hustlers would focus their attention on the real devastation of black on black crime and not on a made up hope that the Hispanic George Zimmerman, despite all the contrary evidence, is some evil racist.  George Zimmerman is not the problem in the black community.   Black on black crime is.

I am not holding my breath that my hope will materialize.  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are not called race hustlers [by me and others] for nothing.  They flourish when there is a perceived race incident [or as in this case, a made up one]

Update correction:  One of my very good friends and a loyal reader of the Tales, Krissy who now lives in Austin Texas informed me that Barack Obama did not come to Chicago until later in his life to start his community organizing scam...I mean career.  She reminds me that because Illinois is her place of birth and doesn't like how the divider-in-chief calls it his home, when that is not really the case.   Tales thanks Krissy for that correction! 


bradley said...

This is a superb and so relavant post big mike---- why is it ,that it seems that it's only the white americans talking about the black on black crime as a travesty for the health of the young children, why don't the black leaders of this country want to bring this to the table and try to fix the problems with education, fatherless families and gang and rapper violence that so feeds this. Every american life is precious even the black children killed by blacks (over 90% killed are executed by their own race), yet community leaders (sharpton, jackson, rengel,obama) dont even talk about this -- do they not care? Thank you for a compelling important post!

Big Mike said...

Thanks so much Brad!!!

Anonymous said...

Sent comment via e-mail. :-)

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy!!

Anonymous said...

Laffin' from the Capitol of Texas! Folk wonder what I'm laffin' bout!
Krissy in ATX