Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This Violin Concerto's Beautiful "Oboe" Solo

 Tales on vacation- "Best of the Tales" repeat post.

Note: As you read this post the fetching Mrs. B and I will be at some undisclosed place on vacation.  The place we are at cannot be pried from my lips or my fingers.  And don't try to find out either because what goes on in this place stays in this place.  :-)
What a great evening Mrs B and I experienced at Jones Hall last night, as we heard the Houston Symphony Orchestra perform Brahms 2nd piano concerto and 2nd symphony. This was one of the best concerts we have attended. The concerto was great, and Brahms second symphony is really magnificent. It contains so many lushes melodies and has an exciting, stirring finish. I have always loved this symphony, but to hear it live played by the great Houston Symphony Orchestra was really special.

To continue with the romantic Brahms weekend here on the Tales, appropriate for a peaceful Sunday morning, is the beautiful slow movement of Brahms violin concerto in D Major. I have considered this one of the most beautiful movements of any concerto. While this is a violin concerto, there is a wonderful Oboe solo of the beautiful main theme that begins the concerto's second movement, before the entrance of the solo violin. I have a feeling Oboe players relish to play this solo part for their symphonies.

Please turn up the volume, relax and listen to this beautiful movement of Brahms.

Brahms Violin Concerto in D Major, Movement 2, Adagio:

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